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About us:

My passion for restoration of Antiques come from my childhood. I grew up in Iran in a house filled with antiques. 
From a Samavar going back to Czar the first to set of dishes that 100 years after factory closed in Japan looked as if it was made yesterday.

I have handpicked my associates; each one is the best in their field.

Carlos Rodriguez does magic, restoring antiques and high end furnitures, another
Testimony to over 30 years of his experience

Ania Janckawska; She has master degree in fine art restoration and French finishing technique. 

Oscar Melendez re-upholster techniques compliment the antique furniture.
Oscar also does a great job on re-upholstery of autos.

They studied at different trade schools, learning the priceless techniques of the past generations and combined them with today’s technology and equipment’s. 

Their combination of talents and skills enable us to provide timely service to our clients. 

​We are best known for Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction.

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ICS Restoration